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Only through completion is there perfection.

If you don't see a skill on here and you believe it should be included send me a message and I will look at it and see  whether it belongs.

Acting: How to be what you aren't
Communications: How to say what you want to say
Information Hiding: How to keep others from knowing what you know
Electronics: How to build and modify electronic circuits
Emergency  Prepardness: What you need, where to stay, and how to get there
Explosives: What they are, how to make them, and how to use them
First Aid: How to patch yourself up when you can't get to a doctor
General Knowledge: Things everybody should read
Law: What you can and can't do
Lock Picking: How to get into anything without a key
Marksmanship: Long and short range shooting with any kind of gun
Personal Fitness: Fitness of the body AND mind
Self Defence: The basics of unarmed combat
Psychology: You must know the enemy before you can defeat it
Philosophy: You need to know what you are fighting for
Torture: Sometimes a neccessary means of extracting information *
Assassination: Only to be used when all other methods fail **

* If you are going to use torture, understand that there are other ways of going about whatever you are trying to do. If you absolutely must use torture you must never use it for any purpose other than the extraction of information. Any other use and you have become a destroyer of freedom. This means that you have become the ultimate in what we are trying to destroy, which means you must be destroyed.

** neither encourages nor condones the use of assassination.