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Secret Six
Our Purpose


Our Purpose
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Who we are and why.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is two-fold. Purpose number one is to allow other Secret Six organizations to form and operate. We are here mainly to facilitate the formation and to allow groups to come together to plan. Purpose two is to decceminate information to members and non-members alike so that they will learn the skills required for joining a group.

Organizational Purpose

There is a purpose behind the way this organization has been set-up. We have learned that throughout history a standing army will fall where small guerilla forces can survive. This fact settled us upon the idea of keeping all groups to a maximum of six people. This combined with the fact that all of the groups were basically seperate entities under the same name meant that even if they were able to stop one group, they could never stop us all.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to rid the world of evil. We will use any means neccessary. We understand and respect the fact that we must become what we seek to destroy. We are willing to lie, cheat, steal, or even kill if we must. All who join are willing to pay the ultimate price, their life, if that is what is required.