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Secret Six


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The rules we live by. The rules we die by.


As stated earlier, we know that we must become what we are trying to fight, but this does not allow us free reign. We do have rules which we must follow.

Rule 1
Do nothing illegal unless absolutely necessary or if following the law would mean doing something evil.

Rule 2
Do not hurt innocents. EVER!!!

Rule 3
Never speak to anyone outside of the organization about the organization, who is in it or what it does.

Those are all of the rules. If an individual group needs to, they can make up their own, as long as they do not conflict with these.

The Rules

While the group may be able to screen upon admittance for any kind of defect in a person's psyche, that does not mean that a person can not develope them later on, probably when they find out how much power they have. For this reason there are punishments that are universal and can not be changed although the order may be changed to fit the crime.

Punishment 1
Warning. A person is told to never do it again.

Punishment 2
Death. If they can not keep themselves in check then they are to be killed.

These are our punishments and they supercede all others.